Competence, quality, innovation, consumer experience, sustainability

The Celli Group has always been involved in two missions: promoting the best drinking experience for the end user and ensuring that companies operating in the beverage industry highlight their brand through customised products having a great visual impact.

Any beverage company, when it decides to work with a certain store equipped with a fountain system – bar, pub, restaurant, etc. – faces two major challenges: offering its customers the best consumer experience – in other words, providing top quality products consistently – and offering the best brand experience – in other words, making up for the communication potential of a bottle or a can with other tools.

The Celli Group is able to provide the best answers to both these needs.

Backed by over forty years of history, Celli has gained a unique experience in the world of dispensing equipment, excelling at innovation and co-engineering of major complex projects. Celli has recently extended its competences by introducing professionals from completely different industries. This is why beverage companies can find in Celli a first-class partner able to ensure the highest drink dispensing quality.

Furthermore, with the acquisition of the British group ADS2, Celli intended to clearly address the second most important need of its clients: offering the best brand experience. Dispensing draught beverages, in fact, poses the problem of how to make the brand stand out at the point of consumption. The British are very aware of this, so they have developed a strong culture of “bespoke” towers, i.e. merchandising fonts and materials for the various beer brands. If you hang out at British pubs you know it is not unusual to find counters offering more than a dozen beers, dispensed by design fonts, customised for each brand and that make the various brands recognisable in all the pubs where they are present.

Its design skills, knowledge of materials, in-house digital printing and global supply chain, make ADS2 a unique company in the industry, able to support any beer brand for its tailor-made projects.

In recent years, the Group has taken another step ahead. Thanks to technological research and constant commitment to innovation, sustainability has indeed become one of the strong points of all of Celli dispensing systems.

Below are some of the new features:
  • environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • energy-saving technologies
  • life-cycle assessment of materials and processes, with a view to continuous improvement
  • telemetry
  • optimised management of maintenance and spare parts, in order to keep systems efficient and effective longer

  • For all this, we believe that our group’s mission is to support our clients with our expertise, quality and innovation to help them offer their customers the best consumer and brand experience, in the most sustainable way for the environment.