Our Vision

Having a vision means being able to look ahead, to imagine the future without resting on your laurels.
Celli Group’s experience and innovation have nurtured a vision based on the value of drink dispensing, aimed at progressively replacing bottled drinks in bars and clubs.
For years, Celli has been working to build a future where tapping will become the most popular way to enjoy a beer, a soft drink and still or sparkling water.

Reduced environmental impact

Draught drinks are not only good and fresh but they also benefit the environment.
Manufacturing beverage dispensing equipment means being aware of providing a product – the dispensed beverage – with a much lower environmental impact compared to bottled or canned ones. Also, in addition to being totally eco-friendly, it allows great energy saving and a sustainable management of waste.
Furthermore, if environmentally friendly gases and energy efficient components are used, and if multi-purpose nontoxic materials are carefully selected, the environmental impact of an even more ecologically sound dispensing system is not only reduced, but minimised and much lower than that of bottles or cans.

A superior drinking experience in terms of quality and freshness

The quality of dispensed drinks is higher than bottled or canned beverages. Draught drinks have top sensory characteristics; not only does pulling enhance taste and give a pleasant sensation of freshness, but it creates a consumption experience offering complete and consistent virtues also in terms of aesthetics.

Creating a unique and inimitable drinking experience, where you can enjoy an unchanged beverage from the keg to the glass, involving the consumer’s senses and emotions, becomes the target of those bars which prefer to install dispensing equipment rather than using cans and bottles.

Greater efficiency in bar management

Drink dispensing offers bar managers a number of operational benefits: reduced storage space, no need to refill refrigerated showcases, easier empties management and waste disposal, no risk to serve warm beverages, greater profitability and net savings on operating costs.
Draught drinks are therefore the optimal solution, in all respects, for bars that want to focus on quality and excellence, and put their customers at the centre of the most engaging consumer experience. First of all in terms of consumer experience.

Enhancing the barman’s professionalism

Draught drinks dignify the barman’s work, whose essence is the art of pulling. Tapping, in fact, is an art able to create a comprehensive experience, which not only enhances taste, but involves all the senses of the consumer.
This responsibility is for barmen a source of pride and motivation, which allows them to showcase their professionalism and skills, in front of the consumer.
Freshness, quality and taste are vital features that make each drink a unique experience to be savoured and that bartenders preserve through their professionalism.

Anyone can give you a bottled drink; only a true barman pulls it for you!